Greek Isle Adventure

Concert Band

Greek Isle Adventure

Composed By

David Bobrowitz

Composer Bobrowitz picked up a wealth of inspiration on his Greek vacation a few years back, as exhibited by this spirited follow-up to his earlier “One Night in Athens”. Written in D minor, this latest “Greek Isle Adventure” starts slowly and continues to build speed right up to the last few bars. Bands performing this work will need to "stay on their toes" for the tempo changes, providing a wonderful learning tool in following a conductor. The appealing melodies in this work are distributed throughout all sections, so all players have a very fun part. Don’t be surprised if the audience is out of their seats by that last exciting tempo change. Hoopa!!
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Greek Isle Adventure

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Score for Greek Isle Adventure

Greek Isle Adventure (score)

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Product Number: GMM352

Price: $ 65.00

Duration: 2:22

Grade: Grade 2+

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