Forward West

String Orchestra

Forward West

Composed By

Brandon Bangle

Edited By

J. Cameron Law

Full of engaging melodies and driving rhythms, this first publication by a new writer to the Grand Mesa catalog paints a vivid musical picture of how it must have felt to be headed west in a covered wagon.  The anticipation of the trip to come is portrayed by a quiet opening statement of the composition’s primary motor rhythm.  This builds into the first loud statement of the primary theme, a portrayal of the elation the pioneers must have felt to be finally “heading west”.  In a gorgeous quiet section that follows, one can easily see a relaxed campfire scene under the twinkling evening stars.  This well-written programmatic work will surely be a highlight of any concert!
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Score for Forward West


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Product Number: GMMOR206

Price: $ 55.00

Duration: 3:40

Grade: Grade 2

Extra Score Product Number: GMMOR206SC

Extra Score Price $ 8.00