The Factory

Marching Band

The Factory

Composed By

Randall D. Standridge

The Industrial Age serves as innovation for this exciting new Grade 1 production! Angular sounds and mechanical grooves abound in this show from composer, Randall D. Standridge. The show begins with the high energy movement, Work Begins, before moving to the more contemplative Fabrication. The show then wraps up with Assembly Line, featuring an optional full band percussion moment! High concept, achievable, and entertaining, this show is an outstanding choice to set up your developing band for success with judges and audiences.
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The Factory Part 1 - Work Begins

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Score for The Factory

The Factory (score)

The Factory Part 2 - Fabrication

The Factory Part 3 - Assembly Line

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Product Number: GMMB062

Price: $ 1000.00

Duration: 6:28

Grade: Grade 1+

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