In the Cool of Evening

Concert Band

In the Cool of Evening

Composed By

Matt Neufeld

This lush, melodic band work uses a shifting kaleidoscope of sounds that take the listener on a transformative musical journey, while always staying within reasonable ranges and technique for less advanced players.  The inspiration for this gorgeous new work comes from the Canadian composer’s favorite time of day to reflect, as the sun disappears and the evening breezes bathe the landscape.  Your students’ musicianship will be greatly enhanced by experiencing “In the Cool of Evening”, as they learn to play in a lyrical style and give direction to the music with their phrase shaping in this engaging, approachable work.
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Score for In the Cool of Evening


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Product Number: GMM480

Price: $ 50.00

Duration: 3:23

Grade: Grade 1+

Extra Score Product Number: GMM480SC

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