Concert Band

Highlander Lullaby

Arranged by

David A. Myers

Based on the singing Scottish melody Loch Lomond, this very expressive arrangement paints a finely-wrought musical picture of the famous lake (loch) and its surroundings.  Woodwind tremolos portray the rippling waters, augmented with tasteful splashes of lighter percussion colors.  All instruments have expressive, moving lines and make important contributions to the shifting musical tapestry.  Take this gorgeous arrangement to contest to show off your group’s musicality, or use it in front of your home audience for a stunningly beautiful change of pace!

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Song Details

Product Number: GMM392

Price: $ 50.00

Duration: 3:34

Grade: Grade 1+

Instrumentation: Concert Band

Extra Score Product Number: GMM392SC

Extra Score Price: $8.00