We welcome new submissions of pieces by composers.

Each year we review many new pieces from new composers.

To make it easier for your piece to get the review it needs we have created an online form that will allow you to easily submit your piece.

How to submit your piece

  1.  Log-in to the Grand Mesa Web Site (If you don't already have a login, please use the 'Register / Create Account' link above to create one)
  2.  Select the MORE | SUBMITTING MUSIC | SUBMIT SCORE menu option
  3. Complete the form with all the information requested
    1. Make sure you have both a PDF file of the score and an MP3 audio recording of the piece
      NOTE: You add multiple files by clicking the BROWSE FILES button for each file you need to upload
    2. Hover your mouse over any field title for additional tips in completing the form
  4. Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom
  5. Watch your email for a follow-up notice letting you know we received your piece

NOTE: Although we receive many great pieces throughout the year we can't publish all of them. If we decide to publish your piece you will receive a follow-up within 8-12 weeks. However, due to the volume of submissions, we might not be able to respond to pieces we are not able to publish.

If you have questions about any of the process please use the Contact Us link to ask us.