Tournament Galop

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Tournament Galop

Louis M. Gottschalk, a nineteenth century pianist and composer and native of New Orleans, created many original works that showcased his formidable piano technique, and this remarkable band transcription of a famous Gottschalk piano work can certainly be a great showcase for your virtuoso band! A galop was a popular dance in the late 18th century inspired by the gait of a running horse. The energetic Tournament Galop evokes not just a running horse but a race of thoroughbreds!  Rosenhaus’ energetic arrangement features non-stop excitement from start to finish for all sections and will leave your audience thrilled!
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Score for Tournament Galop


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Product Number: GMM418

Price: $ 90.00

Duration: 3:05

Grade: Grade 4

Extra Score Product Number: GMMSC418

Extra Score Price $ 14.00