Concert Band


Composed By

Randall D. Standridge

This four-movement work for Symphonic Band was written in secret to celebrate the conducting career of Dr. Kenneth Singleton upon his retirement as Director of Bands at the University of Northern Colorado.  It is a celebration of conductors and the many gestures they employ to communicate to ensembles.  It also draws from gestures we, as humans, use to communicate with one another.  And finally, it denotes the small things we do for one another...gestures of goodwill.  After an aleatoric opening of warm up sounds, the piece begins with an exciting mixed meter opening movement, which is followed by a Grainer-esque second movement inspired by “Molly on the Shore”.  The third movement is a musical hug, with rich lyrical lines and depth of feeling.  The finale has a somewhat “sea-faring” flavor, expressing the idea of new ideas and new adventures to be had. 
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I. A Smile and a Firm Handshake

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Score for Gestures

Score (score)

II. An Invitation to Dance and A Poke in the Ribs

III. An Embrace ... a Sigh

IV. A Wave Goodbye - Reaching Towards the Horizon

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Grade: Grade 4

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