Renaissance Dance Fever

Concert Band

Renaissance Dance Fever

Composed by

Tielman Susato and Claude Gervaise

Arranged By

Kenneth Singleton

Following in the footsteps of his renaissance dance suites A Renaissance Festival and A Renaissance Revel, the arranger has here assembled another sterling collection of renaissance masterpieces for the modern concert band. This collection draws from collections of dance music first published in the 1500's, and all of the music is authentic to the original sources. The arranger's additions include dynamics, tempi, and articulations in order to encourage the most exciting performance possible. (in Four Movements)

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Renaissance Dance Fever

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Score for Renaissance Dance Fever

Renaissance Dance Fever (score)

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Product Number: GMM331

Price: $ 85.00

Duration: 8:26

Grade: Grade 3

Extra Score Product Number: GMM331SC

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